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    Looking for F&B delivery or take away solutions?

    Superganic provides an extensive range of biodegradable and eco-friendly food packaging solutions. Join the sustainable movement and make a positive impact on our planet today!

    About us

    At Superganic we are dedicated to providing eco-friendly packaging and cutlery solutions that enhance the delivery experience for restaurants and their customers. Explore our wide range of sustainable packaging and cutlery items, specifically designed to meet the needs of the food delivery industry.

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    Bagasse cup





    Kraft Meal Bowl

    Kraft Soup Bowl

    Kraft Top Lock Food Box

    Kraft Side Lock Food Box

    Kraft Box With Window

    Carry Bags

    Pastry Paper Bags

    Pizza Box

    Bagasse Bowls

    Bagasse Oval Food Container

    Bagasse Rectangle Food Container

    Sauce Cup

    Bagasse Compartment Box

    Bagasse Clamshell Box

    Burger Box

    Food Paper Wrap

    Double Wall Cups

    Ripple Wall Cups

    Single Wall Cups

    Hot Cup Lid

    Paper Cold Cup

    Cold Cup Bagasse Lid

    Cup Sleeve

    Cup Carry Tray

    Bagasse Plate

    Why Choose Superganic Co.?

    Sustainable Materials

    Our products are crafted from sustainable materials, offering an eco-conscious alternative to traditional packaging options.

    Customization Solutions

    We offer customization on packaging with low MOQ, allowing restaurants to showcase their brand while reducing their environmental impact.

    Durable and Functional

    Our products are designed to withstand the rigors of food delivery, ensuring that meals arrive safely and in perfect condition.

    Why Your Business Should Adopt Sustainable Packaging

    Environmental Responsibility

    By choosing sustainable packaging, your business can play a vital role in reducing plastic waste and protecting the environment for future generations.

    Enhanced Brand Image

    Embracing eco-friendly practices demonstrates your commitment to sustainability, resonating positively with environmentally conscious consumers.

    Regulatory Compliance

    With plastic bans becoming increasingly common, adopting sustainable packaging now can help your business stay ahead of regulatory changes and avoid potential fines.

    Impact of the plastic ban in HongKong

    With the April 2024 plastic ban in HongKong and similar initiatives taking place worldwide, businesses are under pressure to find alternatives to single-use plastics. By switching to sustainable packaging solutions from Superganic Co., restaurants cannot only comply with the regulations but also contribute to a greener, cleaner future for our planet.

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